Dynamic, innovative and international are only three adjectives that characterize Chal-Tec.


Dynamic, innovative and international are only three adjectives that characterize Chal-Tec. We are a globally operating e-commerce company with our headquarters located in Berlin. Since our foundation in 2005, we produce strong brands with an individual character and a broad range of products, designed in Berlin.

Apart from our headquarters, also the flagship store of the sales platform Electronic Star and our own warehouse for returns are located in Berlin. Further partner offices are located in Hong-Kong and Hamburg. We sell our products all over Europe but remain locally anchored in Berlin. Our corporate cultures reflects our internationality and the spirit of the capital: we walk new paths, stick to tried and tested principles of original trade companies, and provide a lot of creative space.

Behind the Scenes

At Chal-Tec, we are a flexible and international community. Our dynamic company provided a lot of creative space for further training, personal development, and big career opportunities.

Chal-Tec was founded in 2005 and is mainly due to its Berlin spirit, flat hierarchical structures and a broad range of ages amongst co-workers. We are commited to walk new paths and support creativity. We work in core working hours and thus are responsible for dividing our own work load. We take responsibility, define our tasks each day from new, and are open for change. Our company operates on a global level: we are available for customers in 12 languages and our co-workers come from 25 countries. This is what defines the international and dynamic character of Chal-Tec. We support diversity actively, since it is what keeps us going.

A special feature at Chal-Tec is the collaborative and positive atmosphere. Our bright and spacious loft-office provides a lot of space for encounters: in our recreation area, we do sports or simply hang out. In our office kitchen, we eat, drink and laugh until late in the evening.


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Career Development

Chal-Tec is a dynamic Berlin-based company that stands out with its flexibility and open-mindedness.

Due to our flat hierarchical structures and the support of creativity, everyone at Chal-Tec has the opportunity to advance and develop. Commitment, excitement for one’s own field of work, and determination pay off and open new career possibilities that are accompanied with mentoring and intensive training.

Being a “young” high-growth company, we courageously walk new paths and continue to create new and exciting challenges and job positions. We pay particular attention to the development of co-workers, who use the experience gained at Chal-Tec to passionately realize new tasks and thus contribute to the advancement of our company.

Open Positions

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1. Who is CHAL-TEC looking for? We are looking for enthusiastic and committed people who want make a change for the better. In a dynamic and international surrounding, at CHAL-TEC you are given the opportunity to contribute and implement new ideas, and develop on a personal and professional level.

Thus, we are looking for motivated and responsible employees with a sense for entrepreneurship, and a will to improve every day and grow with new challenges. Since we are a relatively young company with a high rate of growth, short decision-making processes and less rigid structures, our demands on employees’ working methods, flexibility and organizational skills are very high.

2. What can CHAL-TEC offer me? CHAL-TEC is not only a dynamic, internationally operating multi-channel corporation, but also a community of values with a strong focus on quality, reliability and trust. The individual customer, co-worker and business partner are at the heart of everything we do.

Currently, more than 350 people are working at CHAL-TEC. We are constantly growing and enter new and interesting markets all around the world. Apart from challenging tasks with a lot of creative freedom, we also offer: a recreation room with table tennis, table soccer, and our own fitness equipment, a fully-equipped workspace in a spacious loft-office in central Berlin, daily fresh fruits and vegetables and a variety of beverages and, last but not least, an international surrounding, an open corporate culture, and an adequate salary.

3. What career opportunities does CHAL-TEC offer? -Internships:
Internships are the perfect opportunity to get professional orientation and gain working experience. Internships are especially suited for university- and high-school students (CHAL-TEC offers a variety of internships for university- and high-school students). During your internship at CHAL-TEC you will get to know the company and the respective professional area. We make sure that you get to know a large range of tasks and acquire new knowledge. In many cases, an internship is just the beginning of a professional career at CHAL-TEC, that continues with an exciting trainee-position or permanent hire.

Our trainee-positions are a perfect point of entry. We offer you various possibilities to take part in team projects and consolidate and expand your knowledge.

At CHAL-TEC, you can complete an apprenticeship in the retail industry in our own retail store. For three years, you will get an insight into all the different areas and tasks. During your practical semesters, you will be an active part of the sales team and will be trained in customer care.

4. What are my opportunities for professional development at CHAL-TEC? Intra-departmental training and training on the job are very important to us! Individual support and possibilities for professional development are available, according to working position. Such support possibilities will be discussed, according to needs, between you, your superior, and the HR-team.

5. How do I apply for a position at CHAL-TEC? The quickest and easiest way is using our online application form. You can simply sign up and upload all relevant documents (see question no. 7). Please make sure that the overall size of your documents does not exceed 5 MB.

6. Does CHAL-TEC accept applications in written form? In the application process, we intentionally abstain from using paper. Once you submit your electronic application, we can process it must faster and at the same time, contribute to environmental protection. Anything else wouldn’t really be e-commerce-like, would it?

7. Which documents should a complete application include? -Cover Letter (max. 2 pages, format: doc/PDF)
-Curriculum Vitae (format: doc/PDF)
-relevant work and education certifications
-your salary expectations and your earliest possible entry date.

8. Why can’t I upload any files? The size of files cannot exceed 5 MB and their format can only be .doc or PDF. If you kept these rules in mind, and the upload still does not work, please contact us.

9. How can I check the current status of my application? When creating an account in our online portal, you receive a username and a password. After registering, you will be able to check the status of your application right under the tab “applications”. If the current status of your application remains on “application received”, this means that we are still in the selection process and have not made any final decisions. In this case, we ask you to be patient. We will try to process your application as soon as possible.

10. How exactly does the application process work? Once you have successfully completed you application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us. Should you not get a confirmation, please check your application once more. The application process can take some time. However, we are always trying to provide feedback as soon as possible. In the next step we will invite you for a job interview either in person or via telephone. The final part of the process will be a one-day work trial with a final conversation afterwards.

11. What will a job interview at CHAL-TEC be like? Can I prepare for it? Our job interviews generally take one hour and will take place together with one of our HR managers and the relevant department manager. It cannot hurt to get some information about us before the job interview and to know what the position you are applying for really is about. In case that you have any documents that might give us a positive impression of you, please feel free to bring them along.

12. No fitting vacant position? Apply with a speculative application!! Please use the option provided on our website.

13. What happens to my previously entered data? Protecting your personal data is very important to us. The handling of your application is subject to strict data protection policies. By using our online system, you authorize the CHAL-TEC Corporation to handle and use your data for application purposes only. We will handle and use your data only for purposes necessary in order to guarantee an effective and correct processing of your application. We will not pass any of your data to third parties.

14. Can I write the final paper of my internship at CHAL-TEC?? We will need to discuss final papers on a case-by-case basis. Generally, however, it is definitely possible!

15. What is the possible time frame for internships at CHAL-TEC? For your internship at CHAL-TEC, you should be available for at least three months, and in the ideal case, for six months. This way, you will get a thorough insight into our company and will be able to complete your own projects over an extended period of time.