Chal-Tec engaged Habacker Holding to build a 58,000 square meter logistics centre.

Berlin, 24. November 2016

The Habacker Holding purchased a property measuring around 100,000 square meters on the logport IV logisitics area in Kamp-Lintfort, where the property developers erected a logistic building for Chal-Tec over the next couple of months. 200 new jobs are planned in the area due to this development.

“With the planned logistic center we will be able to deliver to our customers in Germany and Europe much faster and more flexible.” says Peter Chaljawski, founder and CEO of Chal-Tec since it was established in 2005.
For Chal-Tec the location at Kamp Lintfort offers the perfect circumstances for delivery to all European customers and the best conditions for the implementation of individually designed supply chain solutions.

The construction of the around 58,000 square meter logistic centre started mid-October. The warehouse was split into five units, each around 10,000 square meter in size. Two units will be passed from Habacker Holding to Chal-Tec in Mai 2017, with the rest following shortly. The construction is planned to be completed in November 2017.